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How to Keep Your Passwords Safe with LastPass


Hello and welcome to our series of technology-related blog posts. Our today’s post is unusual in a way that it is more like a shout-out to one of the tools we use a lot and not a tutorial per se. This tool is called LastPass. If you consume various services online you know how much […]

How to Host a Piano Studio Website on SiteGround

SiteGround Hosting

Hello and welcome to the technology-related series of blog posts of how to start piano studio website on your own. If you have never configured a self-hosted website then this series of articles was written for you and it is set to remove all the barriers of entry. Keep reading! Before you start you need […]

How to configure SiteGround for Piano Studio Website

Configure SiteGround

Hello and welcome to the second article in the technology-related series of blog posts describing how to set up hosting of piano studio website via SiteGround. In our previous blog post we were talking about the onboarding process, we have created a hosting account and configured billing. Let’s install WordPress and configure security settings now! […]

How WordPress Starter Primes Piano Studio Website

WordPress Starter

Hello and welcome to our series of technology-related blog posts about hosting a piano studio website on SiteGround. This is the last part of the series. Following our tutorials, you have successfully created a hosting account, configured it and installed WordPress. All is left is to upload your content, but before doing so you need […]

How to Display Coming Soon Message on WordPress

Coming Soon on WordPress

Hello and welcome to the series of technology-related tutorials helping you to start piano studio website. In this tutorial, we are talking about one very small but important preparatory step. Right after website hosting is configured but before it has all the content ready for the public. We recommend you display a coming soon message […]