Over the Rainbow Ledger Line Note Worksheet

Over the Rainbow Ledger Line Notes

The concept of ledger line notes is quite challenging for any level of students. It takes time to master the recognition of notes above and below the note staff. Obviously, the worksheet format is the least exciting but most efficient way to work on this task. The exercises won’t take a lot of time to work on and is suitable for in studio work as well as for homework.

I have to admit that I didn’t make a lot of cute worksheets. Why? I have a full studio of boys. And ONLY one girl. That’s why everything is tailored with superheroes, robots, and tracks 🙂 But this time I actually needed a worksheet for a girl and the unicorn was the choice number one!

This Over the Rainbow Ledger Line Note Worksheet helps to reinforce knowledge of ledger line notes above the treble staff.

Over the Rainbow Ledger Line Note Worksheet

Jump Over the Rainbow Ledger Line Note

With this FREE and cute unicorn worksheet for learning ledger line note plan to spend 5 minutes of your lesson time to explain what is ledger line and how we add and read the notes on ledger lines in the treble clef. Hope your students love this cutie!

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