Top 4 Beginner Piano Lesson Activities for Online Teaching


Welcome to Start Piano Studio blog. Today we are entering the realm of online piano lessons. We do know that online lessons may not be your favorite way of teaching the piano and arguably the most effective one. However, there are times when they are the only way and we are here to help. How […]

Integrating Piano Improvisation into Beginner Lesson

Integrating Piano Improvisation into Beginner Lesson

Improvisation is a key to sparking creativity and maintaining interest in the process of studying piano. Unfortunately, piano improvisation is commonly neglected in piano lessons. Not because teachers do not value it, but because we all are on a schedule, exams, recitals, festivals, and squishing in a little bit of fun and silly is not […]

Free Scheduler Or How can Google Calendar Help your Piano Studio?

Google Calendar

Hello and welcome to our blog exploring the questions piano teachers and owners of the home-based piano studios often ask. Have you ever considered using an app for scheduling? There are many paid scheduling products on the market. And one day we will have a separate article about some of them so stay tuned! Today […]

Valentine Piano Games and Worksheets


Christmas is a distant memory and it is time to color your studio in different palettes. How about Valentine Piano Games and Worksheets? To brighten the gloomy days of February add some colorful Valentine-themed activities to your studio every day and invigorate the learning routine. Check out some worksheets and games from the Start Piano […]

How Much Should I Charge for Piano Lessons?


Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts exploring the questions piano teachers often ask when they start a piano studio. And one of those questions comes from the new piano teachers a lot. How much should I charge? But before we try to answer the question of price, let’s see how much your […]