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Koala Ledger Notes Play the Piano


Three ways to use notes game to assist with bass ledger notes reinforcement One of the important goals for the first year of studying piano is to develop fluent reading skills. There are many different ways and Koala Ledger Notes is a game designed to support this process. Koala Ledger Notes the Game It is […]

Step and skip recognition to strengthen the note-reading skills

Step and skip recognition

Note reading. We all could agree that reading music is an important skill for any level of musicians. Simple drilling of the note reading on the staff is not necessarily the best strategy and might not be the greatest for some type of learners too. In order to excel in reading we teachers must employ […]

Note-to-key recognition activity

The lessons are in full swing and you want to be ready for any unexpected challenges your students might face. That is why I keep my teacher’s binder always full of worksheets and activities. My students are already familiar with the green duotang from where I can pull a magic sheet to practice anything 😃. […]

Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard geography is one of the first concepts the beginner piano student is introduced to. Not only it helps the novice piano learner to get familiar with the piano but also to make sense of the piano keyboard note organization. How to promote note-to-key recognition practice? Use one of the most admirable games – Keys […]

Listening activity cards for your youngest piano students

listening activity cards

Yesterday was the first in many months of quarantine in-person lessons in the studio and oh boy, did I miss all that live interaction! Even with all health protocols in place! To make the first lesson special for my beginners I created cards for listening activity. The concepts high/low, fast/slow, and happy/sad are too abstract […]